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Microsoft Access Training Videos by Dan’s Consulting

Dan’s Consulting is developing a series of Microsoft Access training videos, to not only teach you the basics of Microsoft Access, but also good naming habits. A typical Access database will have 100’s of objects, tables, queries, forms, reports, etc., it is essential to create a standard naming convention that is easy to follow. We like to use plural nouns for this. So “Clients”, “Accounts”, “Vehicles”, etc. become part of the names of the tables, queries, forms and reports. So it becomes very easy to find all the Access objects regarding Clients.

These videos are in a certain training order. So that you learn about Tables before you learn about Queries before you learn about Forms, etc. Also, it starts with simple queries, before more complex queries.

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Training Video 1 of 5

MS Access – Basic – CreateTable

Training Video 2 of 5

MS Access – Basic – Table Data Types

Training Video 3 of 5

MS Access – Basic – Table Relationships

Training Video 4 of 5

MS Access – Basic – Simple Query

Training Video 5 of 5

MS Access – Basic – Multiple Table Query